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Youth Committee Laguna Niguel
General Information

General Information

The Youth Committee is responsible for: maintaining and updating the Laguna Niguel Teen Web Site, Youth Community and Volunteer Service Directory, and Youth Employment Directory on lnteens.org.  They also plan and participate in an annual local youth job fair, review and recommend new teen recreation programs and events, plan one or two teen recreation programs each year, participate as volunteers at City sponsored events, provide youth input on various City projects, and work cooperatively with the Dana Point Youth Board.

The Youth Committee is comprised of up to fifteen members who are appointed by the City Council. All members are high school students residing in Laguna Niguel. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee, visit the How to Apply page. To read the resolution establishing the Committee, click here. Current members of the Youth Committee include:
  • Ileana Avila (Vice Chairman)
  • Matthew Bermingham               
  • Makayla Brown 
  • Sean Casey            
  • Lauren Chou
  • Nick Drossel
  • Natalie Glennon
  • Nikki Minagar               
  • Skylar Neeve
  • Alex Probolsky
  • Mason Rosal
  • Alyssa Siegel (Chairman)
  • Elena Singh
  • John Stensby               
  • Kyle Wade

Laguna Niguel Youth Committee 2018


The Youth Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. In addition to attending monthly committee meetings, Youth Committee members attend annual joint meetings with the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Commission. Their goal is to create a positive working relationship with the City Council and other city organizations in an attempt to give the teens of Laguna Niguel a strong voice and presence in the community.

Programs and Events
The Laguna Niguel Youth Committee has organized and participated in many special events and workshops for youth since its inception in May of 2000. Youth Committee members volunteer their time at Parks and Recreation events and other City events such as the Bunny Bonanza, Earth Day Celebration, Haunted Trails, Holiday Tree Lighting, Holiday Parade, Senior Games, and Niguel Botanical Preserve Annual Fundraiser.

The Youth Committee has been involved in creating, promoting, and participating in programs and events for youth such as the Annual Music and Arts Festival (a showcase for high school and middle school bands with donations benefiting a designated charity), the Annual High School Job and College Fair, and Teens for Turkeys (a food collection to benefit those in need with donations going to Second Harvest Food Bank or the City's adopted Marines unit). The committee also hosts instructional workshops for teens such as Salsa and Swing Dance workshops and Self Defense workshops.

The Youth Committee has worked to support the safety of the Laguna Niguel community by giving input to the Traffic Commission on ways to advertise to teens to prevent drinking and driving and planning programs intended to increase awareness and education among local high school students for drug and alcohol abuse prevention. The Committee supported the “Pizza with Police” program for high school students and has helped Police Services in mock disaster trainings held to train volunteers of the Citizens Academy. 

Click here for the 
Youth Committee Agenda for our upcoming meeting.