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Youth Committee Laguna Niguel
Laguna Niguel Skateboard and Soccer Park
The Laguna Niguel Skate ParkThe Laguna Niguel Skate and Soccer Park features a 20,000 square foot concrete skateboard park and a synthetic grass soccer field. The skate park features beginning, intermediate, and more advanced areas for skaters of all skill levels. The facility is supervised by City recreation staff. Permits are required for all individuals using the park. Liability waivers require the signature of a parent or guardian. Park users who are 18 years of age or over are required to sign a waiver on their own behalf. No bikes or scooters are allowed.

Helmet, elbow and kneepads must be worn while skating and all park rules must be followed.

Hours of Operation:
School Days: 12 noon- 9:30 p.m.
Weekends, holidays, school vacations: 9 a.m to 9:30 p.m

  • $40 annual pass for residents
  • $80 annual pass for non-residents
  • $10 one time admission