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Youth Committee Laguna Niguel
Safety Tips
Protect Yourself & Your Friends
Attendance at parties is a fun and social part of high school life. Although underage drinking is illegal, it unfortunately does occur at some high school social events. Underage consumption of alcohol and other activities can lead to very serious problems. Protect yourself and your friends from becoming a statistic by utilizing the following safety precautions:
  • Bring a Friend: Always attend a party with at least one friend.
  • Be a Designated Driver: If you are at a party and someone is drinking, offer to be the designated driver. Always keep a number for a safe ride (South Coast Safe Rides provides this service and is a recognized safe option.)
  • Establish a Warning Signal: Memorize a warning signal that both of you and your friends know signifies trouble.
  • Check In: Be social, but check in with your friends every twenty minutes just to make sure no one is in trouble.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If the party is getting out of control or dangerous behavior is occurring, know when to call it quits!
  • Do Not Fall for Lines that Entice You to Leave the Party: Never leave a party unless it is with the same group you came with.